Academic Counseling Desk

Welcome to the Counseling Desk

Graduate and undergraduate students at the School of Letters, have you ever felt the desire to talk to someone about your studies as you experience student life? Of course, you can talk things over with instructors during office hours, but in situations where that is difficult, you can also use Email Counseling through this website. We are here to help solve your problems, no matter how large or small. Because what you discuss is strictly confidential, you can feel at ease using this service.

Academic Counseling Center Overview

  • Opening hours:
    Monday through Friday, 10:00-17:00
  • Location:
    Inside the Educational Support Center, 1 st floor of the Main Building (Letters)
  • Address:
    Educational Support Center Interior, Graduate School of Letters at the Osaka University School of Letters, 1-5 Machikaneyamacho Toyonaka City, 〒560-8532

How to Get Counseling

For email counseling, send an email to the address on the webpage “ Email Counseling .”
Counseling forms are available in the Educational Support Center (Academic Counseling Desk), so you can also come into the office and fill out the form.

Other Counseling Systems

The Academic Counseling Center does not answer questions regarding things like matters listed in the Student Handbook or syllabi, or matters communicated through posted notices. Additionally, please be aware that it may take a little time for a response to be sent depending on the nature of the counseling and instructor circumstances.

Aside from this website, there are a variety of other counseling systems in place at Osaka University. All counseling offices are happy to help with your concerns and questions, so please make use of them. See “ Other Places that Provide Counseling ” for the locations and opening hours of all counseling offices.