General Information

The following information is roughly divided into the following categories:

A: Housing for Osaka University international students
B: Public housing
C: Private housing

Accommodations run by the university(A) are less expensive compared to private housing, but there are limits on the number of rooms available as well as the period of stay (6 months to 1 year). After the period of stay has run out, or when the rooms  are not available, students must search for public housing or private housing(B,C).

Support Office Housing

A.Residences for International Students

Residences for International Students and Researchers

    Suita International Student Dormitory

    International House Niina International Dormitory
    Requirements Single, male, unsponsored international students International students (male/female), foreign researchers Single, female
    Room Types Single Single, married couples, families Single

    Residence Reservation System

    Application period: January

B.Other Public Housing

C.Private Housing

The following sources are available to find a private housing.

Within the university campus

University COOP “ My Room Shoukai (Introducing my room)
Support Office Room Search・Housing Request

Outside the University Campus
Real estate agent of the concerned area where one wants to reside
Required terminologies, expenses, manners and so on, related to renting a private house.
Please refer to here .
In case you are not able to find a consigner/ guarantor,
Please refer to here .