Teaching Staff

The instructor in charge of specialized education for international students handles consultation regarding research and study. Most research results are written as a report and the contents of that report are evaluated and this instructor offers support to ensure that all international students’ experience in Japan goes as smoothly as possible.

A specialized instructor for international students
Chung Sung Yeo's Office  (located on the second floor of the School of Letters’ main building, next to the elevator)

Support 1: Japanese Language Class

Course Title: “Writing Research Papers”: Fri 2nd period (2 credits)

Students learn the fundamental elements necessary for writing a research paper, including: the structure of a research paper, rules for citation, how to state opinions, logical paragraph construction, and Japanese academic phrasing.

Course Title: “Academic Japanese in Use” Wed 4th period (year-long 4 credits)

This course focuses on building the language skills, argument styles, and comprehension necessary to participate in specialized lectures, discussions and academic conferences in Japan.

Support 2: Office Hours

  • Thu: 10:30-12:00
  • Fri: 15:30- 17:00

Anything relating to research or study can be discussed here. Here you can find answers to questions regarding one’s research like, “What should I research?” “How do I go about identifying a topic?” “What kind of assertion should I make?” Students who want to express their own ideas or discuss their research subjects are also welcome.

Consultation is also available outside of the listed office hours. Please call or e-mail to schedule an appointment.