Partner Faculties

Inter-Faculty Exchange Agreements

Graduate School of Letters, School of Letters, Osaka University has completed academic exchange agreements with these universities.

1 Inter-Faculty Exchange Students

The students enrolled in one of the following Universities/Faculties can apply for the Faculty-level Exchange Program

Czech Republic Charles University Faculty of arts
Palacký University, Olomouc Philosophical Faculty
Germany Heidelberg University Institute of Japanese Studies
Georg-August-Universitat, Gottingen Faculty of Social Sciences
Italy University of Udine Faculty of Law
Netherlands Groningen University Faculty of Atts
Poland Jagiellonian University Institute of European Studies
Sweden Uppsala University Faculty of Theology
Taiwan National Taiwan Normal University College of Liberal Arts,
College of International Studies
and Social Sciences
Thailand Chulalongkorn Unviersity Institute of Asian Studies
South Korea Konkuk University
United Kingdom University of Manchester Faculty of Humanities
University of East Anglia

2 Required Documents for Application ts

Submit all necessary documents through the exchange program division of your university or institute.
(*need Japanese or English translations)

1 Application Form 1・2 Receive the Application Forms from the exchange program staff of your university or institute.Please fill in all the necessary items on the application form.
School of Letters Courses
Graduate school of Letters Courses
2 Two Recommendation letters in Japanese or in English
3 Certificate of enrollment at your home university *
4 Official Transcript *
5 Verification of Language Proficiency Level 2 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test or equivalent
The exam date shown on the certificate must be within five years of the date of application.
6 Certificate verifing sufficient funds
e.g.Official Bank Letter
Official Bank Statement
Scholarhsip Certificate

Deadline for applications

Special auditor Special Research Student
Enrollment Deadline Enrollment Deadline
From October 2013
(Second Term)
February 28, 2013 From June 2013 January 2013
From October 2013
(Second Term)
February 2013
From April 2014
(First Term)
October 30, 2013 From December 2013 July 2013
From April 2014
(First Term)
November 2013

School of Letters, Graduate School of Letters School Calender 2013-2014

Term starts Classes start Classes end Term ends
First Term April 1 April 8 August 12 September 30
Second Term October1 October1 February 17 March 31

Osaka University School Calendar

3. Other programs

There are two other programs which exchange students can participate. For more information, please refer to the program webpages and contact the administrative office of the each program.

Osaka University Short-Term Student Exchange Program(OUSSEP)
Participants take special academic lectures taught in English called "International Exchange Subjects." In this program, exchange students whose Japanese language skill is not high and those who have never learned Japanese can transfer their credits earned at Osaka University to their home institutions.
OUSSEP , Outline・Application Process
Maple Program
The Maple Program is designed to help students from overseas improve their Japanese language skills, enhance their knowledge of Japanese culture and society, and assist them in advancing towards their respective academic goals.
Maple Program , Outline・Application Process