Features of the School

The Machikaneyama Campus

Machikaneyama, which is on the Toyonaka campus of Osaka University, has a storied history as the subject matter of poets.

"Night after night eschewing the sky
to listen to the voice of the little cuckoo of Machikaneyama"

This is a poem included in the “Shin Kokin Wakashu” (New Collection of Poems Ancient and Modern), and the “Machikaneyama” passage has long been quoted in Kabuki lines and the like.

With the passage of time, Osaka University’s Toyonaka campus transformed Machikaneyama into a place for expansive learning and research featuring departments such as the Schools of Letters, Law, and Economics in the humanities and social sciences, and the Schools of Science and Engineering Science in science and technology.

Educational Features of the School of Letters

The hallmark of academics at the School of Letters is the use of the following methods to study activities related to both the material and nonmaterial culture of Japan and foreign countries, such as the objects, ideas, and customs created by a variety of individuals and social groups.

① Making broad connections in the context of changes that have occurred over time from past to present
② Thinking a subject through by going back to principles and essential qualities
③ Delving deeply into a subject to understand it intrinsically

The School of Letters strives toward offering an education that cultivates students who improve themselves, explore the world through knowledge of the humanities, and who are able to conceptualize and express the future of human society with flexible logic and deep sensitivity.